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Ini dia gan.. kontak 5 bundle factory library.. isinya udah lengkap. Jadi agan g perlu bingung pi

Harga : Rp.75.000,00

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Ini dia gan.. kontak 5 bundle factory library.. isinya udah lengkap. Jadi agan g perlu bingung pilih2 library untuk kontak.

Total ada 6 dvd bonus kontak 5 Harga 75.000

Isi di dalam factory bundel ada : 1. Band Horns Acoustic pianos Electric pianos Organ Guitar bass Drum kkits

2. Choir Vowel morphs Vowel keyswitches Choir Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

3. Orchestral VSL strings VSL woodwinds VSL brass VSL percussion Orchestral percussion Keyboards percussion Legacy VSL Instrument

4. Synth Pad Choir Brass Lead Mallet Synth drums Apreggiator Squencer

5. Urban beats Performances Kicks snares Claps Hithats & shakers Cymbals Percussion SFX

6. Vintages Analog machine Digital machine Drum machine Electone organ Electronic pianos Electronic toys F100 Mellotron Memory Mini Mini 700 Orchestrator String melody II YC 30

7. World Flutes Recorders Reeds Bagpipes Accordions strings Metallophones

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