Meet the all-new FC3 from HiBy, a powerful portable USB DAC/AMP that takes your high-quality musi

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Meet the all-new FC3 from HiBy, a powerful portable USB DAC/AMP that takes your high-quality music experience to an all-new level with up to 4x MQA support. The device is equipped with high-performance low-power consumption ES9281 Pro DAC chip.

MQA Support For Quality Listening Experience
The HiBy FC3 supports up to 4X MQA Decoding. MQA(Master Quality Authenticated), is the latest high-resolution audio codec that wraps the high-resolution data on the unused space in the file thus lowering down the file size for download and streaming.

High-Performance DAC Chip
The HiBy FC3 is equipped with a high-performance ES9281Pro DAC chip from Sabre Technologies. It is a high-performance low-power consumption DAC chip. It delivers outstanding sound decoding characteristics with ultra-low power consumption.
With the Low-power consumption architecture, the device does not drain the battery from the connected source quickly.

High-Quality Signal Decoding
The HiBy FC3 supports high-quality audio signal decoding with PCM decoding support up to 32-Bit/384kHz and DSD up to DSD128 DoP. Easily carry around the FC3 in your pocket with your smartphone and enjoy high-quality music anytime anywhere.

RGB Indicator
The HiBy FC3 features an RGB indicator light that glows in different colors to indicate the file-format being played. It glows Red while there is no playback, Blue for up to 48kHz, Green for up to 192kHz/DSD64, Light Green for up to 384kHz/DSD128, and Purple for MQA.

Supports In-Line Mic & Remote Controls
With the HiBy FC3, you still have access to in-line remote and Mic functions in your earphones. It features support for CTIA-standards with in-line remote controls and mic functions

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