Proper Hi-Fi DAC Chip.
ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M DAC Chip can be found in multiple Hi-Fi portable

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Proper Hi-Fi DAC Chip.
ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M DAC Chip can be found in multiple Hi-Fi portable players and dekstop DACs, providing UA2 with a sound quality significantly higher than any modern smartphone or standard USB headphone adapter.

Adding Headphone Amplifier.
Great DAC needs a matching amplifier, so we added a dedicated headphone amplifier into the UA2, producing more power and cleaner output. Our choice was the Ricore RT6863, which was designed especially for use with ESS DACs.

Extra Low Noise.
By using Low-dropout regulator, we managed to control overall levels of a background noise, keeping the sound clear and without any unwanted noise or hiss. Ideal for even the most sensitive headphone.

Switch Mode Hi-Fi for Gamers.
UA2 was developed with a special mode, that allows it to work with portable gaming consoles. Enjoy your games with better sound quality and more power for your headphones.

Zero Delay.
Thanks to USB connection, UA2 can work with any smartphone and all its apps without any additional delay. Simple enjoy movies without any audio sync issues and keep your game at the top level with immediate reactions.

Pick Your Output.
UA2 can be used with any standard headphones with 3.5mm jack. And all audiophiles will appreciate its industry standard Balanced 2.5mm jack.

LED Indicator.
Displaying currently used sampling rate, confirming you are playing true DSD and making sure that you are connected to the gaming console.

Technical Specification :
DAC Chip : ES9038Q2M DAC
Size : 54x18x9mm
Output Power : 192mW @ 32Ohm
Frequency Response : 20Hz - 50kHz (-0.5dB)
THD+N : 0.0008% @32Ohm (A-Weighting @0.5V)

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